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Woody is a blue leopard with one blue eye and one cracked eye and is an amazing young dog. He achieved a Best In Show win at an NALC show when he was barely six months old. He became a UKC conformation champion at seven months and a UKC conformation grand champion at eleven months old. He has a wonderful disposition and is very playful. He lives with Diablo Catahoulas in Danville, California.
He has completed BAER testing with hearing in both ears.
He passed CERF testing with no eye abnormalities.
He has a PennHIP diffraction index of .42/.37, which places him at the 80th percentile of the 189 Catahoulas that have been tested. The median Diffraction Index for the Catahoula is .52. He has an OFA rating of "Good".
This is his Pedigree..

He has achieved the following at NALC sanctioned events:
First place six to nine month male, Crows Landing, CA 10/09.
Best In Show Male, Crows Landing, CA 10/09.
First place six to nine month male, Crystal Springs, MS 11/09.
First place Proven Stud male, Crows Landing, CA 10/10.
Reserve Best In Show Male, Crows Landing, CA 10/10.
Third place proven stud, Crystal Springs, MS 11/10.
First place proven stud, Jonesville, LA 4/11.
Woody is now an NALC conformation champion!
Third place "B" Hog Bay two dog, Crows Landing, CA 10/11.

Woody became a UKC Conformation Grand Champion at just eleven months of age.

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